Neuropathy Treatment in Long Beach & Los Angeles

Unlike pharmaceutical medications that only mask symptoms, our neuropathy treatment focuses on the root of the problem. We combine two innovative methods to reduce pain and improve function with no harmful side effects.

Treating Neuropathy Effectively

In our center, we take a completely different approach when it comes to treating neuropathy. Most doctors focus on oral medications including narcotics and/or anti-seizure prescriptions which contribute to not just addiction problems, but can also negatively affect the brain and other vital organs throughout the body.

Our neuropathy management focuses on fixing the problems at the root, instead, by increasing the circulation throughout your body. Patients from Los Angeles & Long Beach have reported significant improvements after they received our specialized neuropathy treatment.

Two Step Approach to Managing Neuropathy Symptoms

Nerve Block

We deliver a nerve block to the affected area with specialized medication that is designed to dilate the artery and increase circulation.


Once the nerve block is completed we utilize our cryotherapy machine to spray near freezing air in order to increase circulation and start the healing process immediately.

Improved Function with No Side Effects

When you have neuropathy, simple tasks like driving a car or taking a walk with a loved one can be painful and difficult. You may have depended on oral medications to manage your symptoms. But these medications can only do so much — they can’t address the root of the problem. They can also cause another host of problems because of the side effects they produce.

It’s time to move beyond relying solely on these medications. At The Neuropathy Center, we focus on reducing neuropathy symptoms and improving your body functions with our new, innovative methods. Our doctor will sit down with you to assess your condition and use fluoroscopy to pinpoint the nerves responsible for your pain. From there, our doctor, together with the rest of the team, provides a combination of innovative neuropathy treatments that come with no side effects.

Conditions We Treat

Neuropathic pain is often linked to serious illnesses and injury. No matter your condition, we will use the latest technology in neuropathy to pinpoint and treat the nerves responsible for your pain and discomfort.


Our approach to peripheral neuropathy treatment focuses on increasing blood flow throughout your body. 


If the pain persists months or years after your shingles rash has faded, consider our neuropathic treatment. 

Pain Management

Chronic pain may be difficult to handle every day. We’re here to help reduce or manage your pain better.

Back Pain

When back pain is due to nerve tissue damage, it may be neuropathy and may require more than painkillers.


Sciatica is a symptom of back-related neuropathic pain. Let us help alleviate your sciatic nerve pain.

Diabetic Neuropathy

High blood sugar or diabetes can damage nerves throughout your body. Consult with us today.

Neck Pain

Cervical radiculopathy is a type of neuropathy that can cause neck pain. Let us assess your condition.

Knee Pain

Femoral neuropathy can lead to difficulty moving around. Regain your mobility through our treatment.

Do You Need Help Managing Your Neuropathy Symptoms?

We strive to alleviate symptoms assocaited with neuropathy by treating you the right way instead of using prescription medications to simply mask the symptoms.

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