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We have created a new way to treat neuropathy by modifying the traditional methods to provide a new and innovative way to treat your pain and discomfort.

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Pharmaceutical medication can be helpful, but it isn’t designed to address the cause of peripheral neuropathy. It’s time to move beyond treatment plans that only mask your symptoms. Serving Long Beach and Los Angeles, The Neuropathy Center combines several treatment options to increase blood flow, reduce painful symptoms, and improve function —

helping you regain control of your health and life.

Meet Our Doctor

The Neuropathy Center is led by Dr. Georges F. El Khoury, a California-based licensed physician. He received medical training in Lebanon before completing fellowships in pain management in Ohio and Washington.

Upon completion of his fellowships, he went on to serve as Director of the Pain Clinic at UCLA for almost a decade. After that, he took the role of Medical Director of the Pain Treatment Center at Long Beach Community Hospital for another ten years.

Today, Dr. El Khoury is a neuropathy doctor in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and nearby areas while serving as a member, in good standing, of the Medical Staff at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.

Conditions We Treat

Peripheral Neuropathy

Our innovative treatment increases blood flow and promotes healing in affected areas, effectively addressing the condition.


Serving Los Angeles and Long Beach, our neuropathy clinic also treats pain associated with shingles.

Pain Management

Our innovative methods treat pain and discomfort caused by diabetes and other serious illnesses.

More conditions we treat, here.

What Sets Us Apart

Many medical clinics focus on oral medication for managing patients’ pain and discomfort.  That route of treatment can mask the symptoms of the condition, without really addressing it at a deeper level. At The Neuropathy Center, we help bring healing to the problem at its source. We combine innovative methods to increase blood circulation throughout your body and stimulate its natural healing process. Our patients reported reduced pain and a significant improvement in the function of their hands, feet, and other affected areas.

Why Choose Us?

Serving patients in Long Beach and Los Angeles, our neuropathy clinic addresses neuropathic pain at its source — and we do it with treatment methods that come with no side effects. While oral pharmaceutical medications are of value, too, they can only do so much. Moreover, they may even cause new problems because of their many side effects. Come to our clinic, and our approach may b what you need to help improve body functions and reduce your pain significantly.


What Our Patients are Saying

“Greatly Reduced Pain”

The injections on my feet have signifigantly reduced pain and alleviated neuropathy symptoms.

“17 Days Pain Free”

I’ve been pain free for 17 days in both my wrists after the treatment.

“No More Wrist Pain”

Severe cramping in left wrist, I still have no pain after the treatment

“Reduced Shoulder Pain”

My shoulder is so much better for the last three weeks and I am so excited.

“Pain Relief for 3 months!”

Excellent relief for almost three months. the pain in my hands was down to a minimum and my activities were so much more

Manage Neuropathy Symptoms to Get Your Life Back

Neuropathy is a disease that causes damage to peripheral nerves and is typically associated with diabetes. The symptoms usually include reduced motor skills, numbness, and a tingling sensation in limbs such as hands and feet. 

Innovative Neuropathy Treatment

During the session, your treatment will involve combining two different modalities geared towards improving blood flow to the areas affected with pain.

Nerve blocks deliver specialized medication close to the artery to increase circulation in the affected areas.

In addition, our natural cryotherapy treatment uses a near freezing stream of air targeted at the affected areas to increase blood flow and consequently reduce the numbness, tingling, or burning sensations. This is a completely new way of using cryotherapy that has not been used before.


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